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Historically, Blackjack is among the oldest gambling amusements. It was initiated in the 1700s in France and, therefore, was originally called simply “vingt-et-un”. The current title has become popular only in the 1920s. Then, this game got many modifications. Generally, spreading of the rules across countries and continents has changed the main conception. Moreover, diverse positive features are included to allow getting extra benefits for players.

Blackjack and Its Kinds

Generally, there are many types of this entertainment. They may count points of the obtained cards differently; or permit diverse amount of moves that an individual can take. Moreover, it influences the applicability of some strategies or usage of insurance. Furthermore, they directly influence the payout and betting limitations. Ordinarily, there are 4 main types: Classic, European, Atlantic City and Progressive. Even though, other alternatives, including Vegas Strip, Double Attack, Pontoon, Switch, Triple 7s, are also popular.


The standard option is definitely the most popular as people easily recognize the rules and know basic strategies. Ordinarily, it uses 52 cards and a player’s opponent is a dealer. The latter usually stands on soft 17. Players can choose any move among stand, hit, double or split. Nevertheless, surrender is prohibited. The average “return-to-player” is 99.44%. Notwithstanding, this figure changes based on the chosen tactic.


European blackjack is truly common in the Eurasian continent in both forms, as land-based and online casinos. Generally, the rules are similar to the above mentioned kind with a few differences. Firstly, the dealer does not verify blackjack before the round ends. In other words, a person can previously take a decision about further steps. Secondly, the possibility to double down exists only with 9-11 on hands. Crucially, this alternative provides the lowest house edge of 0.39%.

Atlantic City

As majority of other versions, 52-card desk is needed. A dealer stands on both hard/soft 17. Moreover, a consumer can double and split. Double down following a split and even re-splitting is permitted (but it might be slightly changed by software providers). Furthermore, surrender is also allowed for getting back a half of the initial bet. A positive factor is a high RTP of 99.6%.


Basically, this edition offers an excellent opportunity of obtaining extra cash if luck is certainly your second name because the HE is huge. Nevertheless, the main idea sounds exciting. Users can optionally spend $1 and get cards. If they possess 2 aces, then benefit is $25, if 2 suited aces - $50, 3 aces - $250, 3 suited aces - $2,500, 4 aces – 10% of the main reward. In case of 4 suited aces – the whole jackpot. Clearly, if the wage is higher – the winnings proportionally become larger.

How You Play BJ

how to play

Famous and reputable software suppliers provide various ways to enjoy any type of Blackjack within their casinos. Developers work intensively to offer updated and outstanding gaming options with great graphics. Thus, a consumer can play this amusement by downloading a program on a PC or getting an app for portable devices. Moreover, an instant mode permits using only browsers and the internet. Nowadays, the live dealer feature allows getting experience of entertaining with real worker and see all moves without “random-number-generator”.


An old but still very popular way of playing gambling online is to download special software from the relevant website with a subsequent installation process. Normally, it takes few minutes and does not require high system requirements. Thus, run such file on PC/laptop and conduct the registration. There will be only basic composition of common games. Nevertheless, you can always add more and update excising items in few clicks.


Currently, new smartphones perfectly substitute ordinary computers and have much smaller sizes. Therefore, modern platforms also made their amusements, including Blackjack, to be accessible via such gadgets. Importantly, there are two main ways. The most convenient alternative permits getting an app from the large database of programs (App Store, Google Play, etc.). Another type is the instant mode to play through ordinary browsers, but graphics may be lower. Anyway, each individual shall try both types and choose the best.

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